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    This is Roberto Albato's Official Website..Roberto Albato World is a company bringing a joint in the entertainment industry. We are talking of modeling, photography, art and if that is not enough; we are going raw on Radio Broadcasting.

    Photography Agency


    We are coming up with a photography agency that will help bring together photographers and reduce for them the hustle of searching for jobs. This will be provided by the agency itself

    Modelling Agency


    Have you ever wanted or dreamt of being a model? I gat good news to you because we have decided to create a modelling agency that will offer modeling jobs,training and photography.

    Radio Brodcasting


    We are starting of a radio station that will help in keeping people entertained through the day. Am talking of hits from All over, gossip and so much more. We are going to start it as an online radio and later progress to a big radio station.

    Web Solution

    Social Media

    Think of this, media has become such a huge thing all over am talking of Websites,social media. We are going to come up with a section that will help people and companies who want to take there game to the next level in terms of web solutions. This means that we will even come up with a team of web designers

  • Our Services


    Do you wish to be a photographer and join an agency or do you wish your pictures can turn out to be great? Here is what you should do: click on the icons below and get in touch with us


    A small tagline

    Are you a model and wonder what is next. Come to us and we shall invest you with us and you will not regret it. Or are you a company looking to run an advert or do you wish to book our models, then all you need to do is contact us in the buttons below and we will be happy to oblige.

  • Projects

    Chris Brown Choreography

    Grass Ain't Greener

    Soon we are doing a choreography ie Roberto Albato. The song is by Chris Brown and was realised on 5th May 2016. The Producer of the song is Nikhil.

    So keep tuned to the page for this and in the meantime checkout this video.

    Recording Studio Website


    We have already started our website creation.We have created a gospel recording studio website which is hister-records,strikingly.com. You can check them out and tell me how you feeling them.

    Fashion Website


    We have created a website that will serve you in dressing and fashion.We are working one on one with them so you can check them out here mosesfashioncompany.strikingly.com or click the image on the side to check them out and tell me how you feeling it.

  • Blog

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    How to become a good model Have you ever desired to be a model.Take this advice from me because I have been in the game for a while and this goes down to your photos.You need to be very impressive most especially on your photos. Here is a tip of having the best photos. 1.Have a pose.Poses...
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    Imagine a new born kid becoming an executive producer to an album not even a song, I can only imagine it but this staff came to a mudh reality after DJ Khaled himself told the world that his new born son or do I mean his new born king,Asahd would become an executive producer to his album GRATEFUL...
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    Major concerns have been arising on the cost of energy. It is so saddening that huge bills come forth each and every end of the month. This gives a direct impact on everything including the economy which rises because it highly depends on the energy sector. But if you get in touch of this, I gat...
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    Mwalimu Rachel, What do I have to say about her, she is a bunch of alot and I mean a lot. Mwalimu Rachel is a radio presenter and mc for events. But I can't go without talking about her radio show which is #class124 on Homeboyz Radio 103.5 every Monday to Friday from 1p.m to 4p.m. But there is...
    January 31, 2017 · 2
    Seems like everyone now sings about sexual healing. It all started by Gave and now the list is endless. Now Rihanna has another tune and she features Jhene Aiko and Kehlani. Be the first to hear it and tell me you feeling these three?
    January 30, 2017 · 4
    What is a dream to you? Is dream what you wake up in the morning and say what the hell was I doing when I was sleeping? I gat another definition of dream. I dreamt of having a company of my own and even though I told many about the dream, they despised me and gave me a "look up to my eyes"...
  • Events & Promotions

    Some of the events and Promotions we are having:


    Happening this Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th February 2017. 58 Exhibition Stands, 4 Open Mic sessions, 8 Industry Panels and 29 Showcases! Entry is FREE! — at Sarit Center.

    D.light Solar Promotion


    D.light solar are giving a deal of a lifetime and this is how:

    They are giving you a solar home system for just Ksh. 17000 bob or you can pay a downpayment of Ksh.2500 and a daily payment of Ksh. 40 only for 12 mnths.

    It comprises of:

    1. 3 bright lights with wall switches.

    2. Solar charged FM radio and torch.

    3. Mobile phone charger

    And it comes with a free replacemnt warranty of 2 years.

    What are you waiting for:

    Order on or visit their website www.dlight.com

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    Do you wish to listen to new music round the Globe?

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